Monday, December 12, 2011

What didn't happen today.

  • I finally got back on the hamster wheel this morning and I was surprised at how bad I didn't feel. 
  • And then I did Strive and didn't die. 
  • I showered at the gym and my hair didn't frizz out, and I didn't die of hunger before I got to Einstein's for a bacon/egg/cheese bagel and coffee. It was a good start to the day.
  • Then I went to the hospital to see Ben and he didn't sleep all day. Apparently he got some decent sleep last night, so he was feeling pretty good. We went for a couple of walks around the loop, had a chicken-broth-and-green-jello lunch date, and by the time I left, he was down to only one tube from a high of five. 
  • When he started coughing, I sprang into action and his incision very thankfully did not explode. 
  • I didn't get nearly enough work done. Tomorrow I will skip the gym in favor of a paycheck.
  • I didn't iron Mansquared's pants that he needed for work, so I tried to coach him through it over the phone. (Note to self: give ironing lessons.)
  • I didn't make anything decent for dinner. Tomorrow morning I'm going to cook a bunch of chicken so I have something non-toxic to eat when I get home from the hospital. 
That's it. My brain is logging off.

Be thankful ~

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Mike said...

I got the ironing lessons when I come home :D