Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Thoughts for the day. Unfortunately, there aren't many.

Only in Virginia can you sit next to an open window listening to the river babble quietly and enjoying the warm breeze on December 21st. Ben likes it here because he says we have four distinct seasons. I think we have nine or ten. I'm not complaining though. It makes running in the dead of winter much more pleasant.

I am in the process of increasing my weekly mileage ever so gradually. When I do my "long" runs, I try to run them very slowly. They (whoever they are) say that if you do a weekly LSR (long slow run) it helps increase your endurance. Yesterday I ran a 6-miler (yes, I know I've done that before, but then I missed two weeks and had to regress) (sorry for all the parentheses), constantly reminding myself to slow down. I really felt like I was crawling, but when I got to the halfway point, the stopwatch on my iPod said 30:02 (as in, 10-minute miles). That is not slow for me. That's actually the fastest I've ever done 3 miles. So on the way back I made even more of an effort to run at a turtle's pace. I don't know the exact time because apparently I am technologically challenged when it comes to operating my stopwatch, but according to the clock in the car, the whole 6 miles took me 61 minutes. How it is that I can run 6 miles in 61 minutes and feel like a failure is beyond me, but I'm just laying it all out there tonight.

And I never thought I would hear myself say, "I'm excited to run a 7-miler next week."

Be thankful ~

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