Saturday, August 6, 2011

Wish I were there.

Leah and her friend Elizabeth are in New York City this weekend, and it sounds like they're having a blast. Yesterday I got this photo:

Sorry about the quality, but that's what you get from a cell phone. She said they were in Grand Central Station gawking and taking pictures. They went to see The Phantom of the Opera and then found their way back to the ferry that would take them back to where they're staying.

Then this morning I got this one:

And a little while later she let me know she had found our ancestor's name in the log book from 1892. Carl came here as a 19-year-old from Vienna, Austria. The girls were also going to Wall Street (I guess to give condolences) and Chinatown, and then going to see some other friends.

My Saturday has been every bit as exciting. I spent the first part of it at the commissary, then brought it all home and Abbie helped me put it away. We vacuumed the house and made a trip to Staples for Abbie and Man-squared's school supplies. Came home, worked a little, read for an hour, made dinner. Unfortunately, I'm not as good with the camera as Leah is, so I don't have any exciting photos to share. Lucky you.

Be thankful ~

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Michelle Sargent said...

oooh girl, you make me laugh!