Thursday, August 4, 2011

A post, such as it is.

You know you're overdue for a blog post when your husband complains about the lack of new content. It's not my fault. Really. I've been working like a crazy woman in addition to trying to get my butt in shape for a 5K at the end of October.

October, you ask? That's three months away. What's the rush? But here's the deal: It's taken me since February to be able to run 2.5 miles, and that's with a short walk break in the middle. When I say I want to run a 5K, I mean I want to RUN it. No walking. And if I could do it in under 35 minutes, that would be stellar. I just don't want to be last. The good news is that by then I'll be in the 50+ age group.

I got this picture today from Deb. In case you don't know what's going on here, Bean is sharing his beloved bunny with Button. I replied, "Awww, isn't he sweet?" and she texted back, "No, he's trying to smother him with it." Brothers are awesome like that.

Man-squared had his head stuck in the refrigerator today and when he backed out, he said, "Mom, next time you go shopping, can you just get a ton of chicken we can marinate and grill?" I answered that I thought that's what I had been doing, and that I felt like I was cooking huge batches of chicken almost daily. Apparently he really means a TON. Ben and I figure that when he goes off to college for $25,000 a year, we'll still be better off financially because we won't have to feed him.

And that's all my brain can process today.

Be thankful ~

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