Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturday confessions 12.

1. This will be the shortest Saturday confessions post in the history of mankind because I forgot about it and now I have to leave the house in ten minutes.

2. Part of one of my jobs is writing a monthly newsletter. Every month I leave it until about six days before the end of the month and then panic. So far my strategy has not backfired, but I know one of these days it's going to bite me.

3. I call all my kids and all of their friends "darlin." Sometimes I almost slip and call someone inappropriate that. That's also going to bite me someday.

4. I used a neti pot for the first time today and it was the strangest feeling. But I've been trying to get rid of a sinus infection for almost a month now, and after ten days of antibiotic, it's still there. I'll let you know if it works.

Be thankful ~


Catherine said...

I call everyone "darlin'" too! What's with that?

If you get the hang of the net I pot please send me detailed instructions. I know it would do me good to use one, but I just about drown myself each time!

Beth said...

I call my kids sugar, and yep, every now and then, I'll call someone sugar and promptly blush.

Nedi pots and saline rinses have seriously saved me. I've gotten rid of several sinus infections, so you can too! It is really weird, but you'll get used to the feeling.

Saw your post on Melissa's confession :)


mer said...

The neti pot (sp?) works.

I sugar-honey-baby my kids at school. It helps at the beginning of the year when I don't yet know everyone's name. They never realize that I don't have names and faces matched yet. so I occasionally slip and "sugar" or "honey" an adult. Yes, it is always an awkward moment.

And how did you get a post up in 6 minutes??? You're good!

NaomiG said...

The neti-pot changed my life. You just have to make sure your head is tipped down far enough, otherwise water ends up in bad places. :-)

Yeah... I paranoidly fear that someday I shall end up calling someone "shuuuug" like I call my husband and kids. That will be fun. Not.

NaomiG said...

Oh yeah, forgot to say that if you get goldenseal tincture and put about 5 drops or so in the neti pot with your salt, it will clean up your sinus infection a lot faster. I have had sinus infections my whole life so bad that I've even had surgery, and the neti pot changed. my. life.