Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saturday confessions 8.

1. Once again, I'm scrambling to get this posted on the right day, so it doesn't become Sunday confessions. I think it's already a habit.

2. I'm sick of hospitals and I wasn't even the patient. Ben had great nurses until the last day, when we had H, who talked to him like he was stupid for not following the directions no one had given him. It's a shame we ended on a sour note, but at least that stay is at an end and he is happily home in his own house again. Recovery will be longer than we anticipated, but at least he will recover.

3. Doing a deep cleaning on the house makes you furminate the dog more often. Every time he shakes, I say, "Thanks for the hair, Pete" and roll my eyes.

4. Going to the gym in the late afternoon is hard. Abbie and I went at 4 today. I climbed 83 floors on the StairMaster, and we did biceps, triceps, and abs. Then we came home and ate way too much Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo.

5. Man-squared is the most popular busser at Bonefish Grill. The people who work in the different areas of the restaurant have started "calling" him like teenagers call shotgun. He's awesome.

6. Bean and Button and their parents are coming next week. Deb says they get along fine until Bean tries to drag Button off the couch by his head. Just like brothers.

Making no promises about next week's confessions . . .

Be thankful ~


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