Monday, May 2, 2011

The good stuff comes at the end.

Goodness, what an exhausting couple of days!

Friday we got Ben situated in the hospital. Friday night Abbie came home to get a new starter put in her car (that would be Man-boy's job).

Saturday I went to the hospital bright and early with Ben's computer so he could work from there and charge his Droid. Came home.

Did laundry and helped Abbie write a paper for school.

Around noon, Abbie, Man-boy and I headed for the hospital, where Ben was scheduled to have his abscess drained (sorry if that's TMI). The procedure was on again, off again, so we really didnt' know when to expect it would actually get done, but we figured we'd go visit for a while anyway. When we got there, he was nowhere to be found, all his clothes were on the bed. For a minute it was like the rapture happened and we were left behind. But I realized his man-dress was gone (that's what he called the gown), and then the nurse came in and told us they'd taken him to do the drain. She suggested we go get something to eat while we waited.

So we went to McDonald's, where we were accosted by bad grammar

and Abbie was yelled at by a group of transvestites, and I'm not even kidding. Apparently they were offended that she looked at them, but honestly, how could you help it? People dress like freaks and then get mad when they get attention.

Anyway, Man-boy made himself a man-sandwich out of a double cheeseburger and a chicken sandwich:

and ate it and all of his fries plus half of mine and Abbie's. Gotta love teenage boys.

And have a lot of money to feed them with.

(I just realized I'm going to have to speed this up to get to the good stuff.)

Back to Ben's room; Ben gets brought back under the influence of some serious drugs, telling us stories about how they couldn't do the procedure because he was fighting them, and making it sound like there were wild times and much thrashing down in radiology. The story we got later was that he kept trying to turn over on his side because that's how he likes to sleep. I always said he was violent sleeper. The drugs finally wore off and I went home later that night.

Sunday we went to church where Tony joined us once again. After church we went to Vinny's for pizza, which is the closest thing to what they have in New York. Somewhere along the way, Abbie talked Tony into eating a whole pizza, which he did. You have to understand, Tony is about 5'4" on a good day, and weighs about 150. I was amazed. Anyway, while we were waiting for him to finish it, Abbie was doing origami with the napkins:

(I'm really trying to get through all this. I just hate to skip the artwork.)

I stayed home from church Sunday night to get some work done, knowing Ben would be coming home this week and not knowing what my schedule would be like.

(FINALLY. We're at Monday. This is the where the good stuff happens.)

I went to the gym. (That's not the good stuff.) Came home and ate lunch and worked for a few hours. (That's not the good stuff either.) Went to get Ben and bring him home. (That's good, but it gets even better.)

Got this photo on my phone:

That's Joseph Gabriel, my newest grandson! This labor went much, much faster for Deb, and I'm so thankful. We've been praying all along that it would be easier this time. I hope to have stats by tomorrow.

Be thankful ~



Mike said...

No joke, I texted a little with her around 0930 her time, left for work, and came back to my phone around 1630 her that picture.

I thought she had him last night and forgot to tell me. I was gonna call him Seal Pup for being born while the SEALS were playing in Pakistan :D

Connie said...

Congratulations! Sticky Bean has a brother. Hope you heal quickly Deb.
Glad everything went well with Ben too.