Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturday confessions.

1. The people in my house don't call those green things avocados. They call them guacamoles. I think that's cutting to the chase.

2. On a related note, the best guacamole has five ingredients: avocado, red onion, fresh cilantro, fresh lime juice, and kosher salt. Amen.

3. The resiliency of a teenage boy is amazing. Three days ago Man-boy was drugged up on double doses of vicodin, unable to eat or drink. Today he is outside playing basketball with one leg in a cast.

4. My grandmother continues to crack me up, even from the grave. I remembered today the time she told me about an article she read in the newspaper about owls. It said they were "wonton killers." She laughed until she peed herself.

5. Husbands who peel the meat off the roasted chickens are worth bonus points.

Be thankful ~



Jen said...

I've never made guacamole like that, but it sounds really good! I just might try it this week!

Catherine said...

I enjoy working in the kitchen with my hubby while we peel the meat off the chickens that I've just roasted -- good bonding time. He likes it too -- because he steals the tenderloin medallions while he's doing the work! (If I am not quick enough, I miss out!)

Missing my family so much today -- wish I could have seen you when I was in DC this past week.


Catherine said...

Oh, and send the guacamole recipe, please ...

Melissa Stover said...

my grandparents continue to crack us up from the grave too. i think that's awesome.

Connie said...

Yes, please post the guacamole recipe!