Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring tour.

I was challenged yesterday by Darcy at life with my 3 boybarians to blow the dust off my camera and take some pictures, woman!

So I did. I don't have many subjects these days since all but one of my children have left home either permanently or semi-permanently. Man-boy is the only one left here full-time, and he's not a willing model. So here's a glimpse of typical springtime sights around the ole' homestead.

The gardens full of manure. We look at this and think tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, squash . . .

The daffodils I forget about every year until I see them poking their heads up. I love the little spider in this one.

The cherry tree I also forget about until it blooms and you walk underneath and hear the bees buzzing.

The projects Man-boy decides to do on his own. This hill hasn't been mulched in at least five years.

Happy spring!

Be thankful ~



Kim said...

Karen, I read your post on Big Mama and I was wondering what fragrance of Organix do you use. I have noticed the same thing happening to me. Thanks, Kim

bensrib said...

Hi Kim! I can't reply because there's no email address attached to your name. I started out using the coconut milk (it reminds me of the beach), and now use the cherry blossom. I've also used their spray leave-in conditioner and like that a lot too. Just recently my daughter told me to try their Moroccan oil and I love, love, love that.