Saturday, March 26, 2011

Man-boy's bad day.

He finally let me take a picture last night after he had struggled through a shower and re-wrapping his ankle. Is this the saddest 17-year-old you've ever seen?

Dutifully icing the offending limb in hopes of getting off the crutches sooner.

I told the doctor in the ER we didn't need a new pair of crutches; we had a set at home. After we got here and he hobbled around for a while, I just couldn't understand why he was having so much trouble with them. He kept saying they were too short. It took me until tonight to figure out why they don't fit him, when I just knew he used them last fall for his first sprain of the soccer season.

He was two inches shorter then. Bad mom award.

Be thankful ~


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