Wednesday, February 9, 2011

You can dress him up but, well, you know the story.

I feel like today has been 72 hours long, which may be due to the fact that I slept in 30-minute increments last night.

Nevertheless (who makes up these words?), I got up at 6 and worked a little before I headed to the gym. I intended to do six miles on the bike before Strive, but only rode 4—slacker. Then Strive. Then Target for essentials like milk, cookies, and salsa. Then home. Then shower and lunch. Work a few more hours.

Are you still here?

Man-boy needs a suit jacket for a preaching competition in March, because we all know you can't preach without a suit jacket. *rolling eyes* So we went in search of one before church tonight. Silly me, thinking it would be easy.

It seems Man-boy is well-endowed in the shoulder and latissimus dorsi area. Add to that his thin waist and tall stature and you have a recipe for suit-jacket disaster. The salesman called him "Superman."

We finally found the only athletic-cut jacket in the store, and it fits him pretty well. While we were discussing whether or not it would need to be taken in at the waist, the salesman gave this explanation.

Salesman: You don't want it too tight, see? Say he's at a dance with a girl . . .

(Man-boy is standing behind salesman, his eyes are getting big, and he's slowly shaking his head no.)

Salesman (continuing): and he has one hand up here holding her hand and one around her waist . . . (demonstrates this with a suit on a hanger.)

Man-boy: That's highly unlikely.

Salesman (looking from Man-boy to me and back to Man-boy. And back to me.): Well maybe he has to give his mom a hug . . .

Man-boy (smiling): That's much more likely.

People just don't know what to make of us.

We ended our day with a Ding-Dong stacking contest of which I have not one photo, and good preaching. Zero to Hero in 70+ years: the story of Jacob.

Tomorrow's a run day, so no slugging for me.

Be thankful ~


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