Thursday, February 24, 2011

A visit with the princess.

Princess Petunia spent the day with us today, and that's always entertaining. How is it that I forget between visits what toddlers are like?

P is usually happy like this. She wanders around the house looking for buttons to push

and calculators to talk on. Looks like a serious conversation.

And then when you get really busy mopping all the wood floors and you keep telling her "no" about the bucket of mop water, she goes looking for a substitute. And she finds Pete's bowl, which just happens to hold about a half gallon of water.

Pete is very concerned about this turn of events.

P is enjoying stomping in the puddles.

Yes, her hair is wet. Don't ask me how that happened. I don't want to know, and neither does her mommy.

And then when she sees me coming, she smiles and says "Bye-bye!" and closes the door.

Be thankful ~


PS. If you have any idea why the focus on my camera is so bad, please clue me in.

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