Sunday, February 27, 2011

The money pit, or why I'm always broke.

Just checking in quickly to encourage you to read the post about blogger frustration (below), and to let you know that Abbie, who refers to herself as the "money pit," stole borrowed my 35mm 1.8 lens and I think she's hooked. This could be expensive. But I think that may be what's wrong with my photos of late.

On the upside, she's getting great grades in her photography class. You know, every artist gets to a point in her training when the tools she is using are no longer good enough. When Leah was 16, her orchestra director told us very bluntly that her then-current violin was holding her back. That cost us a few thousand. I guess $200 for a lens isn't so bad. Good thing I love her so much.

Be thankful ~


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Connie said...

"Money Pit". Abbie and my son have something in common. I'm sure he will enjoy his new name!