Monday, February 14, 2011

Dogs just want to have fun.

Have you met my dogs? By now you know Pete the Terrible (he's the big one), and if you've been here a while, you might remember Spanky. He was the perfect one who has since gone on to the big doggie park in the sky.

Spanky's been gone for three years now, and Pete has been lonely without him. Yearning for a friend. Someone who is young and full of pep.

Enter Cooley.

This is not just a pile of fur. There's a dog in there somewhere, I promise.

Cooley moved in next door and they've been best buddies ever since.

There he is! Cooley loves our house. He comes over all the time and stands at the door waiting to be let in. He comes in, jumps up on the couch, and helps himself to the water bowl. Sometimes Cooley doesn't want to come when he's called, so we let Pete out, they run around the yard, we call Pete, and Cooley follows. It's quite handy.

Today I was sitting at my desk looking out the French door and guess who showed up on the deck looking for his buddy?

Can Pete come out and play?

Be thankful ~


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