Monday, January 24, 2011

More on the girl with the magic tears.

Last night while I was supposed to be sleeping I was thinking of all the great pictures I didn't include in Abbie's birthday post that show more things she is. So since I have nothing to tell you today other than the fact that I did 22 minutes of intervals on the elliptical this morning (before the hour of Strive) and only went 2.4 miles and I might be just a little bitter about that, I'll share more photos.

But first, about the magic tears. Leah says Abbie can get whatever she wants from her daddy—all she has to do is cry her magic tears. Abbie vehemently denies this, and Ben does as well. It's a point of contention around here. And that's all I'm going to say about THAT.

Abbie has been a model for American Life League.

She is a world traveler, having been to Romania, England, Italy, Australia, and New Zealand, and lots of airports in between.

Yes, this is my daughter touring Italy with a HUGE hole in the knee of her jeans. She left her fashion sense in America.

She is a Liberty flame, and apparently proud of it.

She is a great friend. And she has never picked a friend I didn't like.

With Kelce

and Boo (who is getting married in June) (and a cow skull . . . don't ask.)

and Noelle (she of the beautiful brown eyes)

With Kelce, Joy, Kori, Hope, and Leah

With her LU friends in Richmond for her 21st birthday.

Okay, I think I've exhausted my thoughts about Abbie. Back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Be thankful ~


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