Thursday, November 25, 2010

Photo essay of the day.

How is it that we spend so many days preparing and the fun is over in just a few hours? But it's like that every year, isn't it?

This one was no different. We feasted on turkey,

the fried kind. You can have your roasting bags and brines, just give me a Cajun-butter-injected, deep-fried turkey every time. Or two. Ben told me we should do three and I said he was crazy, that would be way too much food.  I'm kicking myself now. We have some leftovers, but not nearly enough. Look at that meat! This shot is SOOC with no editing.

Can't you just taste it? Look at the juice running out of it!

Then we carried on the men-do-the-dishes tradition.

After dinner, some of the kids went outside and took Pete. He loves the fall, specifically playing in leaf piles. He roots around and finds buried kids and jumps at leaves you throw up in the air.

He may need a chiropractic adjustment.

This photo was snapped a split second before the 70-pound dog landed on 40-pound Bailor.

And then the wrestling started. 160 pounds vs. 40 pounds.

200 pounds vs. 160 pounds.

Even the photographer wasn't exempt.

40 pounds had no fear.

90 pounds held his own.

40 pounds learned quickly to wait until everyone was down and then jump on top.

Then they moved to the backyard and got the leaf blowers out.

Some people have junk yard wars. We have blower wars. Ezra was really into it.

You can see Chase's head. The dog is also in there. He thinks he's a mole.

And the jumping begins.

Props to Abbie for all the great photos. I was too busy eating cheesecake and pumpkin pie.

I hope your Thanksgiving was as fun as mine.

Be thankful ~


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NaomiG said...

Oh my goodness! What a great day! Love the action shots. :-) We have snow, so no leaf play for us. :-)