Saturday, October 16, 2010

We worked all day and didn't do much.

Today was better. I didn't wake up until 3:12 . . . a whole ten minutes more sleep than the night before! Got up a little after 4 and worked for a while, and then went grocery shopping. Ben and Elijah had a few projects planned for the day. They started with Elijah's car, which had a caliper issue. Fixed that. They put a new air filter in my van. Then while Ben was tearing apart the green-duct-taped soccer-ball-smashed bathroom window . . .

 . . . Elijah started tearing apart the doors in my van. Both passenger side handles quit working some time back, so in order for the passenger to get in, the driver had to start the van, put the passenger's window down, and the passenger would then reach in and open the door from inside. That worked real well until the passenger's window wouldn't go down. So Elijah fixed both doors today, and the window is magically working again. It's like driving a new vehicle!

This photo is a summary of our day. The van with doors taken apart. The octagonal window that didn't fit so we're back to plastic and green duct tape while we wait for our special ordered window to come in.

The day ended with two roasted chickens. I always do two at a time, mostly because I don't have to stand there and pick the meat off the bones. That's Ben's job (Big props to him—I hate that job.), and we put the meat in Ziploc bags in the freezer to use for enchiladas and casseroles. Now that there are only three of us here, we get about 5 meals out of these two big roasting chickens. I'll try to share the recipe tomorrow. It's just the best.

Lucky for Pete, I'm not the one who peels chickens or he would get nothing. He takes his place at the end of the counter and Ben throws him chunks of cartilage. Nasty.

Look at that concentration! This is one of the few times I can take pictures without him being annoyed. He doesn't even know I'm here.

Hoping to catch up on some sleep tonight.

Be thankful ~



Rachel said...

Ugh! I am so with you on the cleaning the chicken job. Adam is the best at all that. He even cuts up the whole roasting chicken for chicken soup before he leaves for work. Men, knives, and meat.:)


Pete looks like he could eat that whole chicken in one bite! :-)


Kori said...

oh yes . . . mom makes Kelce and I pick the chicken . . . I like it . .. except for sometimes it burns me. haha.