Sunday, October 10, 2010

We go home for the food.

Ben is at the Jersey shore this weekend (where we grew up) for a family wedding. He just sent me a text with this picture in it:

If you're not from there, you might not know it, but this is the best bakery on the earth. No, really. People who have lived there and moved away totally understand the need to get a crumb cake and hard rolls from Mueller's when you go home for a visit.

I told Ben yesterday not to bother with the crumb cake, I was trying to lose weight, blah blah blah. He ignored me and bought one anyway. He knows me well. You just won't believe how incredible this thing is. I'll take photos for your drooling pleasure.

I'm sure Ben also stopped by Vesuvio's for a slice of pizza and an RC with crushed ice today. I can't even do this pizza justice with words, so I won't bother. It's the best there is, and we yankees know our pizza.

He probably won't make it to Hoffman's for their homemade ice cream, but you can only eat so much in two hours. And I'm thinking pork roll is not on the menu either, though we usually buy a 6-pound one to bring home, slice, and put in the freezer. Again, if you've never been to New Jersey, you don't know pork roll. And again, there's just nothing like it. Taste it and you'll never eat bacon again.

It's funny. When we have high school reunions, much of the facebook chatter leading up to them revolves around the food and what order we will eat it in. The day before a reunion, you always run into old friends in Mueller's, Vesuvio's, Hoffman's, and Gloria's (the deli where we get pork roll). It's part of the fun.

Tomorrow we'll have pictures of the world-famous crumb cake. If it lasts that long.

Be thankful ~


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