Saturday, October 2, 2010

Oops. I missed a day.

Yesterday was a busy day that started at 5:30 am. I needed to get a few hours of work in, did laundry, paid the bills, ran to Walmart (actually, I drove the van), put together a breakfast casserole for Saturday morning, and then decided I'd had enough of stressing myself out. So I drove to Ben's work and we had a lunch date.

I made it to church before the bus left for last night's game, and rode with two other team moms. Shortly after we got on the road, I found out the game was 2 hours away (I was thinking it was 1), and not too far from where my brother lives. So I sent him a text asking him to meet us there, and we had a lovely time watching soccer on a gorgeous fall day in the mountains of Virginia.

How'd you like to play soccer with this backdrop?

Uncle Jim, taken through the windshield of his truck.

The game was so refreshing after Monday's fiasco. There were only two refs and they were almost completely silent—they just let the boys play. Final score: 7–4, us. Man-boy had 4 goals.

Then we went in the gym to watch the girls finish their volleyball matches.

A few pics of spectating:

Debbie, Jonny, Sarah

Pete and Brian

Coach Joe


Home at 11 pm. Saturday's been work, more laundry, finances, and Ben's been building threshholds for the wood flooring. I'm looking forward to bedtime.

Be thankful ~


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Connie said...

Pretty pictures of the impending fall color and the mountains. We are going up to the Smokies, Townsend Tn side, the last week of October. I can't wait! The mountains are to me what the beach is to you. Living in Florida we don't get to experience the seasons like you do. It is nice to have a real fall, if only for 10 days.
Congratulations to Man-boy on the win. Glad you had good refs this time :)