Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Man-boy is a hard worker. He's been doing some yard work for the guy who used to live next door, and who has since moved to a 55+ community. Today Man-boy got paid for some of the work. He came home with $125. In one-dollar bills. I'm sure there's a reason for that.

So what do you think a 17-year-old does with 125 one-dollar bills? He plays.

And what does his mother do? She takes pictures. Any subject is fair game these days. Pete was completely bored with it all. Can you tell? This is his "I'm bored with you people" face.

He's especially annoyed with me lately, since I keep taking his picture while he's trying to be bored. He might have a little smirk going in this one.

When I go in the kitchen, however, Pete stops being bored and gets interested. He knows he's not allowed to walk around while I'm cooking, so he takes his place at the end of the bar with his big nose stretched into the kitchen as far as he can get it.

And I take another picture just to annoy him.

Be thankful ~


PS. Are we the only ones who are being driven crazy by gnats in the house this year? I don't remember them ever being this bad.

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Kori said...

We Have A GAZZILION! (well maybe not. . .but they are real bad.
They annoy me SO much. expecially when I'm trying to sleep. In the blistering heat!