Sunday, September 5, 2010

Five factoids.

1. Hey! I have 34 followers! That's more than a third of the way to 100! I have no idea why that matters other than the fact that my very left-brained world has a need for nice, neat, even numbers. And if they're not even, I have to come up with some justification to make them seem that way.

2. In our budgeting discussion today, Ben and I calculated our monthly gasoline bill: $650. It's almost as much as our food bill.

3. A bear has been sighted in our neighborhood. It happened a couple of weeks ago, when some guy saw a black bear messing around with his garbage cans when he went out to go to work in the early morning. We've been warned to "be careful in the morning" (apparently bears are not threatening after 12  pm), "carry a flashlight if it's still dark out" (and they're afraid of light), and "don't let the dog out" (I would need a litter box the size of a swimming pool).

I think I'll take my chances.

4. I've eaten three meals today. Why am I hungry? It could be the smell of pizza. I buy frozen pizzas for Man-boy. He likes to eat one ten minutes before dinner to take the edge off. If you buy them, what's your favorite kind?

5. Sticky Bean helping his dad sand the deck:

No child was harmed in the making of this photograph. The sander was not plugged in.

Be thankful ~



Connie said...

Oh,wow! Sticky bean is looking more like a little boy than a baby. Is he walking yet?
We do buy frozen pizzas and have an affinity for, Totino's. Yes, really! We usually buy Red Baron or Tombstone tho with one Totino's to help fill the 15 year old. Wal-mart fresh made pizza isn't too bad either. It comes down to whichever of our favorites is on sale.
Good luck with the bear. I doubt you have to worry much about Pete tho. Based on your description of him I imagine one look at the bear and he will be running for home. Then you will need that swimming pool because he will refuse to go outside! I am getting a good laugh at that picture :)

NaomiG said...

Aw, sticky bean is too cute. We're red baron's pepperoni here, although have you ever tasted the cheese in the cheese stuffed crust from tombstone. Oh my. It's wonderful. Um, yeah... bear in the neihborhood?! Not good. Hope that get's taken care of soon!