Thursday, August 26, 2010

A whirlwind tour on cheap rubber.

Yesterday Man-boy and I went up to D.C. to meet up with a few of his teammates from last summer. We both neglected to take a camera, but never fear! I can still regale you with sub-par shots from my trusty cell phone camera! In addition to forgetting a camera, I forgot my sense and opted not to wear my athletic shoes.

Can I get a "duh"?

This is where we met them. Not bad for a cell phone, huh? Man-boy's friends were significantly late, so we walked to Chinatown for some good Mexican food, because that's what you do in our nation's capital. On the way back, we passed Ford's Theatre, site of the famous Presidential assassination.

Then we ran back to the WaMo to meet the friends, who then wanted to see Mr. Lincoln in his happier days:

Man-boy wanted his picture taken with the WaMo in the background.

And then we had to hurry back because we had 1 p.m. tickets to get the best view of the city:

There's a White House down there somewhere:

Then we hiked (at TMI pace—some of you will appreciate that—and all of this in my cheap $2 flip-flops) up to Air & Space where I promptly found a chair and sat down. No part of the history of flight was going to keep me on my feet one second longer. I sat until it was time for Man-boy and me to catch the Metro home.

Today my feet still hurt, and I gave myself shin splints. Must be those supportive shoes I was wearing.

Be thankful ~


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Deb said...

Mom. You should have been wearing your boots.