Sunday, August 1, 2010

Weekend recap.

Let me just get you all caught up on our ever-so-exciting life.

Remember the dying refrigerator? It gave up the ghost for good on Friday, and Saturday morning the delivery guys from Lowe's carried it to its final resting place. I was fretting all morning about how they would get it out (and get the new one in) since all entrances to our kitchen are narrower than any refrigerator.

I shouldn't have given it a thought. These guys are professionals. They put a strap under the fridge and attached it on each side to harnesses that went over their shoulders, stood up, and walked out with it. Open both doors and it fits right through.

It's amazing. They went right out the front door, and brought the new one in the same way. In under 10 minutes, I had a new refrigerator. Ahhhh. Cold OJ again.

Later that day, Ben gave Pete the Terrible the T-bone we brought home from our dinner the night before. Pete was in a char-grilled-beef-induced stupor.

When I saw chunks going down his goozle I took it away. Pete licked the deck for the next half hour.

That evening, Man-boy came home from his job working food service for the Boy Scout Jamboree. He had over 12 hours off and wanted to sleep in his own bed and eat some food that wasn't deep fried. He made up for his 8 days of being gone by eating 12 days' worth of food in the four hours before he went to bed.

And finally, the wren babies are growing and the mama is wearing herself thin bringing them food. I managed to catch them in between feedings.

They don't make a peep until she shows up on the edge of the pot with a bug or worm, and then they act like Man-boy after he's been away for a week, and the amount of noise that comes out of those little bodies is amazing.

And there you have it, the weekend in review. Boy, that went fast.

Be thankful ~


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