Monday, June 14, 2010

I got nothin' for this space.

My day involved lots of editing, vacuuming up two weeks' worth of dog hair, cooking Pancit, getting a battery for Leah's car, and dragging Pete for a walk through pea-soup humidity. That was especially fun because of the thunder in the distance. My 70-pound dog tries to hide between my legs every time he hears it, which makes any kind of exercise difficult.

And remember the six squash plants? Every evening Ben brings a sink full of squash in.

Every evening.

A sink full.

Would you like some?

Yesterday we took a laundry basket full to church and managed to get rid of them all. I can see now that I'm going to be the person everybody avoids by the end of the summer.

Run! The crazy woman with all the squash is coming!

On the bright side, we'll be getting our five-a-day no problem.

Last night I walked in the living room and saw that Ben and Abbie had just started watching The Pelican Brief on TV. I said, "Oh, great movie!" and sat down to watch with them. After ten minutes of movie there was a commercial break. Then another ten minutes of movie and a commercial break.

I gave up. I just cannot, no matter how great the movie, make myself sit there and wait through all those commercials to watch another ten minutes of television. So I went in the bedroom, got the book off the shelf, and started reading it even though I've read it before.

Call me weird, but I just can't do TV. What about you? Would you rather read the book, knowing it will take longer, or watch the movie on TV in spite of the commercials?

Be thankful ~


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