Monday, May 3, 2010

Slow day in blog land.

No pictures. You're stuck with the boringness of my day.

So far, I have tried three of Pioneer Woman's recipes(not all in one day): the pot roast, the shrimp and pasta stuff, and today the Mexican Lasagna by her friend Ryan. Not one of them has disappointed. While I was putting together the lasagna earlier, I stopped after making the Mexican rice and just stood there with a spoon eating it out of the bowl. I wondered if I should just forget the lasagna and serve the rice. It's incredible. I'm going to systematically work my way through her website and cook everything on it. I'll let you know when I reach 500 pounds.

Editing is slow going some days. When I run out of E-Books and newsletters and marketing stuff, I have to fill my hours somehow, so I edit product descriptions in the online store, and let me tell you, nothing puts me to sleep faster. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz. While it's certainly needed, it just doesn't offer any excitement whatsoever. Who will know (or care) if the wrong word is in bold or a bullet point doesn't begin with a capital letter? Would you?

Man-boy started his behind-the-wheel training today with PETE, FROM THE BLUE AND GRAY DRIVING SCHOOL. That's how he talks when he calls on the phone. Man-boy says he talks that way in the car too, and he listens to oldies. When I asked him what he meant by oldies, he said, "Oh, probably 80s."

Man-boy gets no dinner tonight. And it's a shame, because that Mexican Lasagna is smelling purty good.

MB is spending the last few weeks of school doing formal proofs in geometry. I always loved doing them—they're kind of like a puzzle. But then, I liked algebra too, so maybe I'm just weird. I told him ahead of time that these would be easy and he would like them. Halfway through the lesson he paused the DVD and said, "WHAT about THIS is EASY?"

Ummmm, sorry? Note to self: easy for me is not necessarily easy for him. He did figure it out though, and faster than a lot of people do.

I'm going for my second walk of the day now (gotta offset the lasagna), this time with Lovely, who needs to work on breaking in her boots so she doesn't get blisters in boot camp. More on that tomorrow.

Be thankful ~


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