Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Random thoughts for a rainy day.

Still raining. I'm trying not to to be mad about it since it keeps me from having to water the garden, but rain usually makes me kind of crabby.

I'm going back to the eye doctor Wednesday for my fourth try at new glasses. I think the problem may be that my new frames are too small, so they have to use compact progressive lenses, which just don't work for me. We'll see what happens.

Good news of the day: Abbie's check engine light came on a couple weeks ago while she was at school (that's not the good news part). We decided not to do anything about it until she got home for the summer. She came home last week and I was going to take her car in today, but yesterday while we were driving, the light magically went off (that's the good news part). The car is, however, still making a noise that sounds like quiet moo-ing, so I guess I still have to take it in. But at least it won't cost me $90 to read a computer code and turn the light off. Now, how do you tell a mechanic that your car is moo-ing?

Be thankful ~


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