Friday, May 21, 2010

I remember . . .

I remember when my daughter and her husband were in Thailand helping a missionary, and she called me one day to tell me she was pregnant with my first grandbaby

I remember exactly one year ago today pacing around my house, knowing she was in labor, waiting for a call, when I got this on my cell phone

and I sat right down on the couch and cried.

I remember talking to her on the phone in those first few days, knowing how she was struggling and Sticky Bean was screaming and not nursing well. The girls and I finally decided we just had to go help her. We drove the 12 hours without telling her, and when we walked in her house and found her crying, we all hugged and sobbed together. And I got to hold my new grandson.

I remember when they came to visit just a few weeks later, to surprise us for our 25th anniversary party. We got this picture of four generations

I remember getting this photo on his 4-week birthday and thinking, "Boy, that went fast!"

I remember when they came to see us at 3 months and he smiled for the first 5 minutes of the 14-hour drive

I remember when they had their first family portrait taken

I remember when Bean was big enough for a flannel shirt, just like his daddy

Oh, my. This is going to get long. I'd better hurry up.

I remember when he discovered his feet

 when he learned to sit in the Bumbo

 when he hated his walker

 when he learned how to squeal

when he was learning to drink water out of a bottle

and when they came for Thanksgiving and Papaw fed him

I remember when Aunt Leah made him mittens

and he discovered his tongue

Okay, I'm really hurrying now.

I remember getting this picture of Bean eating with gusto

and when he discovered the dirty laundry pile

I'm really trying here. Skipping a few months.

I remember when Bean came to San Antonio to see his Uncle Mike graduate from Air Force basic training 

and when Tennessee had really severe flooding and Bean went out to survey the damage with his mama and daddy. 

That first year flew by. I'm so excited to see what the next one brings. Happy birthday, Sticky Bean!

Be thankful ~


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