Monday, May 24, 2010

Hear that sucking sound? That's my checkbook.

Once upon a time, we bought cars and drove them. The end.

Life is so simple when the kids are young. You feed them, get a few toys, and everybody's happy.

Then they learn to drive and it's all over. We currently own four cars, a van, and two trucks. (Yes, that's seven vehicles. Parking is a nightmare and the insurance bill isn't much better.) The cars are the nicest vehicles. But do we get to drive them? No. The kids drive them, or more specifically, the girls. But all the vehicles are in Ben's name because it's cheaper that way, and when something needs repairs, we pay for it. And except for a short time when Mike was out of college and working, we pay the insurance too because all the money the kids make goes into the tuition pot.

Because of all that paying, Ben has always refused to call the Acura "Leah's car" and the Honda "Abbie's car." He calls it "my car that you drive" and he doesn't let the girls refer to them as "my car."

Eventually, though, he gives in. At some point since she started driving the Acura three years ago, it became "Leah's car." This summer it needs a few repairs, and he's even going to let her pay for them since it's "her car."

Last fall, we decided Abbie needed a car at school. The logical choice was the Honda, since it's the nicest one we own and would be reliable. We wouldn't have to run down and fix it every time something broke and she would be safe in it. So she's been driving it about 7 months.

Yesterday Ben and I were discussing which vehicle needed what work done on it this summer, when he said, "And didn't we say we were going to have the timing belt replaced in Abbie's car?" He immediately said in a disturbed tone, "Did I just say that? Did I just call that her car?"

I patted his arm and said, "Just give it up. It's her car. Don't fight it."

Kids are expensive. They go to college. They need cars. I wouldn't change a thing.

Be thankful ~


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