Saturday, April 10, 2010

CFAW and the Bean.

So Thursday I took Man-boy to Liberty U. for CFAW (College for a Weekend). He was going to spend the weekend with Abbie and her friends. We knew we had to sign in at DeMoss (the big, main building), so we parked up the hill from it. When we came up over the hill, this is what we saw:

Do you see the beginning of the line? Way up there on the steps among the columns? Yeah.

We thought we were in it for the long haul, but lucky for us, Liberty has done this a time or two hundred. We were through the line and leaving with Abbie in 45 minutes.

The next time we heard from Man-boy, he informed his fans on facebook that he was never coming home. I guess he likes it.

In other news, Sticky Beans loves pancakes.

Come on, you know you think he's cute. And I get to see him next week!

Be thankful ~


PS. Tomorrow I'll have a vacation update.

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