Monday, March 1, 2010

A lot of not much.

When we got home from church last night, the answering machine was blinking. That was odd, because everyone we know knows we're at church on Sunday nights and won't be here to answer the phone. But it could have been Leah or Elijah, since they went in a separate car and were coming home later than we. Isn't that an awful lot of thinking to do about one blinking light?

Anyway, Ben was cooking our usual Sunday night dinner of perfect fried eggs and toast, so I sat down at the bar and pressed the "play" button. We immediately heard Mike's voice saying, "Hello?  Helll-ooooo!" and we both groaned that we had missed his call from boot camp. I'm thinking they don't get too many of those. Mike knew we wouldn't be home, but he has to take his opportunities when gets them, so he called and left us a message.

I just knew he was going to hate boot camp. I knew he would suffer through every bit of it. He would especially hate all the being screamed at and whatever other belittling stuff they do to you there. But I figured he would just tough it out and survive.

I could not have been more wrong. In the message he left, he was laughing. Laughing. From boot camp! Basically he said "I'm doing great and having a blast!"

Ben turned around from the stove and yelled, "You're not SUPPOSED to be having a blast! It's BOOT CAMP!" He then proceeded to make all the usual jokes about being in the "Chair Force" and calling it the "service" rather than the military.

In case you don't know, there's quite a rivalry between the branches. Since we are a Navy family (at least we were until Mike joined the AF), we are right about everything, but let me just share some of the barbs here. Navy people are called squids, Air Force people are called zoomies, Coast Guard people are called puddle jumpers. The Navy says people go into the Coast Guard because they can't swim in water deeper than 6 inches. Navy personnel in submarines are called bubbleheads. Marines are called grunts (presumably because that's all they know how to do).

How did I get on this subject? How about a transition-less transition?

In other news, my company switched email servers today and you know how much fun that is. We've all been struggling all day and communicating over facebook. Good old reliable facebook. How did commerce ever happen without it?

And since I use Mac Mail for work, my problems are compounded. Not only do I need to get my email to work, I also need to sync it with Mac Mail. All while proofing a 600+ page E-Book. The fun never ends.

So here I am, getting ready to serve my family dinner at 7 pm, because that's what highly efficient editors do.  We'll try again tomorrow.

Be thankful ~


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