Sunday, February 14, 2010

My husband is decisive, and I love that about him. Especially when he decides I need a Mac.

You know things are getting bad when your daughter writes on your facebook wall begging you to blog.

But never wanting to let a fan down (I have to be careful with the few I have), I'm here to attempt composing something worthy of a blog post.

I should begin by saying that I am writing this on my new Mac (don't tell Hoopty--I still have to work on her tomorrow.). I kept putting off thinking about buying a new computer until Friday night, when Leah and I found ourselves home alone with nothing to do but go to Best Buy and covet things we couldn't have. So we did and wound up at the Mac display. Be still my heart, there are Macs there with 27-inch monitors, and I'm not exaggerating (did I even spell that right?). 27 inches! That thing was so big it made my eyes squirrelly trying to look at it. I felt like I should be in a La-Z-Boy 15 feet away.

So we pulled up stools and sat down to fumble our way around the MacBook and MacBook Pro, and let me tell you, it's addicting. Those Apple people really know how to make using a computer fun, even for non-geeks like me. I decided I really liked the MacBook, but still couldn't justify the cost, knowing I could get a PC for $500. So we left.

Saturday morning, we were all in the kitchen, and I was telling Ben all I had learned the night before. We went back and forth about the pros and cons of each machine, until he finally said, "Let me make this easy for you. Go buy a Mac."

Well, let me tell you, that made it easy, and here we are, me and my Mac. Mike and I sat on the couch last night, playing with things and learning where stuff is. And laughing. When's the last time your computer made you laugh? When I get an instant message, I hear a sonar ping. When I get an email, it goes "ta-da!" To send an email, you click on the paper airplane and then hear a jet taking off. And if you think that won't make you smile while you're working, you just try it.

There are drawbacks. First, the Word software for Macs is different from what I learned and know how to use. So different that I'm going to spend the week working on Hoopty until I have time to figure this out. Second, I just stink at using a laptop. It's like typing with mittens on. Third . . . never mind, I can't think of a third thing.

While I refuse to become a computer snob, I can totally see why people who get Macs love them and never go back. They're FUN!

And now I have a date with my pillow. Nighty-night!

Be thankful ~


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