Friday, January 22, 2010

Is it Friday yet?

My brain is blank. Flat-lined. Some weeks I stay up way too late, and by the end of them, I can't even think. Tonight I'm going to try to finish Leviticus, but I'm not terribly hopeful. So in the interest of non-coherency, I give you a list of things that made me smile this week. There may not be many. It's not because I didn't smile much, but because I can't think. Flat-lined, remember?

1. I saw this van at the Y one day and it made me laugh right out loud.

2. Word has it Sticky Bean has started crawling. I'm hoping to receive a video of it in the next day or two. Hint, hint.

3. Abbie called earlier this week and was having an emotional breakdown. This happens every semester during the first week of classes when she gets completely overwhelmed with everything she has to do. But this time, she was also stressing because it costs so much money. $180 math book, $110 in art supplies, $240 in photography supplies. After I swallowed hard and made sure the bank account wasn't overdrawn, I was able to give her the same speech my daddy gave me years ago. "Honey," I said, "We have a magic bank account. Every month it fills up with money, and there's always enough to pay for everything we need." I also added that God would not put her in a specific place and then not provide for her. It made me smile to hear myself saying the same thing my daddy used to say to me.

4. After I talked her out of her breakdown, she went to Target to get a few things. Here she is, perfecting her talent for squishing herself into a Rubbermaid tub:

I love that girl.

Have a great day!

Be thankful ~


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