Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The weekly Random Dozen.

Hey, it's 11/11!

Finally, it's meme day—I was running out of thoughts. Thanks to Linda at 2nd Cup for the questions. Here they are:

1. What was the last song you listened to?

"Revelation" by Third Day.

2. Have you ever had “buyer’s remorse” over anything?

Oh my word, YES. Where do I start? Hair color, books (especially homeschool books that I thought were going to be great and turned out to be stupid), the sofa that's in my living room, a very expensive mattress (don't believe the Kingsdown salesman), a pepper mill (That's right, Dear. It's not tacky, but it doesn't grind pepper worth a flip. See? I admitted it publicly.), a dog (even though we didn't buy him), and a vacuum. I'm sure there are more things.

3. What is something in your life that you are thankful for now that you didn’t think you would be at the time of the event? (Something that seemed ill-timed, inconvenient or hurtful which turned out to be a good thing)

Moving to Northern Virginia from Tennessee. The kids and I fought it every step of the way, but now, five years later, we're all VERY thankful we did it. Hubby wanted to leave and the rest of us wanted to stay. (I'm on a public admission roll here.)

4. Do you watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade every year? If so, do you have a favorite float or balloon?

No. I'm way too busy eating. I watched when I was a kid, but I don't think I've seen one in 25 years.

5. Share a quote, scripture, poem or lyric which has been an inspiration to you lately.

1 Samuel 30:6 "And David was greatly distressed; for the people spake of stoning him, because the soul of all the people was grieved, every man for his sons and for his daughters; but David encouraged himself in the LORD his God."

David was greatly distressed! People wanted to STONE him! Yet he was able to encourage himself in the Lord! How much more should we be able to!

6. This is meant to be a fun question, and this is a G-rated blog, but please share a “guilty pleasure,” something that you enjoy that’s probably not the most edifying, time-worthy or healthy thing you could be indulging in. Did I mention--G rating?

I love to be outside in the summer. In the bright sunshine. And I don't use sunscreen other than on my face. I know it's bad, and I'm honestly not trying to look like a St. Tropez native, but I just can't stand that pasty-white look. I want to look like I've been outside, being an active participant in life, not inside sitting at a desk under the fluorescent lights.

7. What Thanksgiving food are you looking forward to?

Definitely the stuffing. I'll be making my mother's stuffing with sausage and apples in it and it's incredible. I only make it once a year and for weeks beforehand, I think about it. Can't wait.  Ooo, and my brother will be deep-frying turkeys. They're amazing.

8. What is your favorite book to read to children, or what was your favorite childhood book?

I love The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter. The language is so beautiful, and the original watercolor illustrations are lovely. I still have my childhood copy of it. I'm very sure I appreciate it more now than when I was little.

9. Do you collect anything? (Feel free to post a photo.)

Dust. And dog hair. I'll spare you the photo.

10. Gift bags or wrapping paper?

Gift bags. I'm not an artsy-craftsy person, and never could make a wrapped package look great. Gift bags are so easy, you can't screw them up.

11. Share an after-school memory from when you were younger. What was your routine like on an average day?

I got home from school at the same time my mom did, and we would stand at the counter with a carton of ice cream and two spoons talking about the day. We never had that teenage-daughter-vs-mother angst thing.

12. True story: Once, in a job interview, I was asked this question and told there would be no clarifying; I simply had to answer the question: “When you’re fishing, do you feel for the fish?” So what about you? When you're fishing, do you feel for the fish??

Absolutely! It must hurt, don't you think? But when I was a kid, my dad took us fishing often. We learned to fly fish for trout in the rivers out west, and he had a commercial party boat for a while and took us out in the ocean for bluefish, tuna, mackerel, and I don't remember what else. When I was 11, he told me that if I caught a fish, I had to gut it too. I'm surprised I didn't quit fishing then and there, but I didn't. There's nothing better than fresh rainbow trout cooked over a campfire.

I had a hard time concentrating today, and apparently I wasn't the only one. I noticed in the middle of the day that my boss had posted a status update on facebook to the effect of being completely unmotivated and trying to find things to do other than the things that should be done. So I commented, "Me too! I just spent 2 1/2 hours raking leaves with Man-boy so I wouldn't have to be at my desk!" Other co-workers joined in with their commiserations (did I just make up a word?), so I felt better about only working two hours today. Tomorrow I'll be kicking myself (actually, I'll probably be too sore), but I enjoyed being outside today. It's supposed to rain tomorrow, so I won't be able to get away.

Have a great Wednesday!

Be thankful ~


edited to add: You have got to go to my cousin Catherine's blog and read her answers to these questions. Every week we both do this meme and EVERY WEEK we have some of the SAME ANSWERS (and we don't cheat, either)! I live in Virginia and she lives in Idaho. We've seen each other once in the last 25 years. Who says family ties aren't strong? We both collect dust! And can't wrap presents! Isn't that awesome?


Catherine said...

Do you suppose, my cousin, that our shared inability to wrap a package is a genetic flaw? I wonder which ancestor we should blame...

Catherine said...

Your addendum made me laugh out loud -- thank you! I really, really needed that laugh this morning.


Joyce said...

I read Catherines blog-didn't know you were cousins. How funny your answers are the same

I too am dreaming of the stuffing-definitely a once a year treat here too. Your recipe sounds good but I don't think I can break from tradition on this....there would be a mutiny here : )

Greg C said...

I forgot about Peter Rabbit. I loved that story too and always considered myself Mr McGreggor.


Susanne said...

I've never actually known anyone who deep fried a turkey. Sounds wonderful.