Friday, November 6, 2009

Sometimes a list is just so handy.

Just here to quickly share the highlights of my day, along with my feeble thoughts about each one. And since there really aren't any, and there are no funny stories to tell, you get a list. If I were you, I'd run away right now.

1. Coffee, work, laundry, work.(Coffeemate is not nearly as good as International Delight, unless it's the Belgian chocolate stuff. Then Coffeemate rocks.)

2. More work (I'm behind on my hours this week and trying to catch up is killing me).

3. Walk with the dog. Chase two miserable animals up the street away. Try to control the beast. Walk a 15-minute mile coming home, even without the miserable animals chasing us. (I love leash laws until I want to stand on the porch and let my dog do his thing in the rain. Then I hate them.)

4. Wait for an email. (I know my boss has IM, and I also know sometimes she hides. I think she's hiding today.)

5. Make grape salad and sweet potato casserole. (Grape salad is the bomb. So is the casserole. I could eat just that for dinner. And breakfast. And I probably will.)

6. Continue waiting for email. (Boss, come out from hiding!)

7. Try to decide what to do with cod for dinner. (Any suggestions? I'm not an inventive cook. I need somebody to tell me what to do.)

8. Somewhere in there, do ab crunches. (I promised someone I'd do them every day in November. Today is the first day I did. I'm destined to have mom-fat forever.)

9. Listen to neighbor blow leaves out of 1/2-mile-long ditch. So far it's been 3 hours. (I wish he'd come do mine—I hate that job.)

10. Empty ashes out of woodstove, throw kindling in the few coals left and hope it catches. (I always leave a few coals so I don't have to start a fire from scratch.)

11. Remove unburned kindling, crumple newspapers, replace kindling, light fire. (*sigh*)

12. Order vitamins. (If you normally buy vitamins at a health-food store, go to The saw palmetto I buy my husband is $60 at the store, $17 at vitacost. Same brand, same number of pills.)

13. End lame blog post. (Is anyone still here? Hello??)

Be thankful ~



Deb said...

I love your lame blog posts! It reminds me where I get it from:)

Diane Allen said...

Your humor is always a bright spot in my day. Thanks for posting -- lame or not!

Diane Allen

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Your lame post is still more than the nothing-posts I've been posting!


And I've started doing ab crunches too. I figure if I can do them at least three times throughout the day, MAYBE I'll lose some of that mom-fat you're talking about. We'll see.

Brother Ben said...

No mom fat on you sweet thing. Just heaters. You're the BOMB!!! LU!!