Monday, November 23, 2009

Weekend review.

Sticky Bean is on his way, so I'm happy. His parents both have poison sumac, so I'll get lots of opportunity to hold him. I can't wait!

Since we're going to have 23 for dinner on Thursday, I went looking for another set of silverware yesterday. Bed, Bath, & Beyond was having a sale, so I knew I'd get a good deal, and I did. Service for 12 at a very reasonable price, plus my 20%-off coupon. And it included 12 extra teaspoons and 12 extra salad/dessert forks. What's not to love, right?

So I came home and unpacked it all, throwing each piece in a dishpan of soapy water as I unwrapped it. I was almost finished when I got a funny feeling. I felt like I had seen an awful lot of spoons, and not nearly enough forks. I washed and rinsed it all, laid it all out on towels, and started counting. 12 knives, 12 forks, 24 teaspoons. So far, so good. 24 soup spoons. Hmm. That's alotta soup. 1 dessert fork. One. Now it's getting personal.

Obviously, someone packed the box wrong. Back to BB&B I went with the 12 extra soup spoons to get my missing 23 forks.

All is well now and we won't have to slurp our dessert with mammoth-sized spoons.

Saturday the girls met some friends in downtown Fburg to hang out and take pictures. The plan was to meet at Picker's Supply, a music store. They got there before the friends, so they browsed around looking at the instruments. The guy behind the counter asked them what they played, and then handed Abbie a $5000 guitar and Leah a $6000 violin and told them to have at it. Then he grabbed a stand-up bass and played along. Someone has a video on facebook. The guy was so impressed he offered Leah a job teaching violin. She may take it after the first of the year. Here are a few pics of their impromptu jam session:


When the friends all got there, they went off to take pictures. Two of them are pretty good photographers, so they have "photo shoots" when they get together. Here's a sequence Joy took of Abbie and Leah:


Today we get to see Deb, David, and Sticky, who got here in the middle of the night. I love having them all together!

Be thankful ~



Leah said...
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Catherine said...

Enjoy your holiday with the family, Karen -- sounds like great fun!!


Melissa Stover said...

those are hilarious with the play punching. and, you're right, the last one is print worthy!