Tuesday, October 20, 2009

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Yup. Cheating. But thanks to Lisa at Put It on the List for giving me an idea for a post I don't have to think about.

The short story is that my parents were both teachers, so we all had our summers off. We had a small camper and traveled the country, each year taking a different route. And we spent part of my childhood living in California, so we saw the west coast then. Haven't been to Alaska or Hawaii, but Ben says I'm not missing anything by not seeing Hawaii, and I'm not much for snow, so I don't have plans to visit Alaska.

I took Leah to the orthopedist today since her foot is significantly more swollen now than it was a week ago. He took more X-rays (said the other ones were too blurry to see anything), poked and prodded, and announced that it isn't broken, just sprained, which is worse. It takes longer to heal, is more painful, and is generally more of a pain in the neck to deal with. But he put a walking boot cast on her, and she's actually able to hobble around without the crutches, so she's happy. She's not a good patient.

I'm tired. I hear my hot bath, soft bed, and book calling me again.

Be thankful ~


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