Saturday, October 31, 2009

In which my geekiness shines through once again.

Today is warm but rainy. Perfect day for roofing (not), which is what Ben and the boys are doing. They're replacing the roof on a house that our church owns. Ben and Elijah spent yesterday tearing off the back half and replacing some rotten wood, and then covered it with tar paper (or felt paper, whatever you happen to call that black stuff that goes on under the shingles). In the middle of the night I could hear it raining, and it's rained on and off all day.

They were actually supposed to do this job last weekend, but cancelled it when the Weather Channel insisted it was going to rain all weekend.

Yeah. Not a drop.

This weekend was supposed to be overcast but dry until tonight. So the Weather Channel is 0-for-2. See if we ever listen to them again.

This morning, Leah and I went out to do some errands, which might have included this lunch. It's among my favorite places to eat lunch. See if you can guess where it is:

But as we were driving out of our subdivision, we came around a corner and saw this huge bird with long legs and a long beak fly up and land on  top of a house. We're such geeks, we stopped in the middle of the street and whipped out our cell phones (Do I EVER have a camera with me when I need one? NO. Maybe because SOMEONE keeps stealing my camera chip. But that's another post.), and took a picture. The whole time I was fumbling with my phone, I was muttering under my breath, "Don't you dare fly off, bird. Stay right there," like he or she would actually be intimidated by my commanding voice and STAY RIGHT THERE. Unfortunately, I am not well-versed enough with my phone to be able to zoom, so you have to look closely, but let me tell you, that is one BIG heron.

And it's not like I've never seen a heron before. It's just the first time I've seen one in my subdivision, sitting on top of a house.

So now we're home, and Leah is making us some cinnamon bread. That girl can bake some incredible bread. I'm going to have a cup of tea and enjoy not working for a while. And I get the whole day tomorrow off! What could be better?

Be thankful ~


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