Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Fave Five

Blogger has suddenly begun to do really strange things. It doesn't like my HTML codes AT ALL, it has stolen my editing tools that used to be above the new post box, and it's just generally being ornery. Sounds like PMS. Somebody send Pamprin.

But in spite of blogger's hiccups, I've had a good week. In no particular order, here are five happy things I remember. I'm sure there were more, but these are the ones I can actually recall.

1. It's candy corn season. Brach's is the absolute best, so don't even bother with the cheap brands. I only buy this stuff once a year, because I like my teeth and want to keep them for a few more years. Concentrated sugar is probably not the wisest choice for snack food.

2. Abbie called to tell us she got a 97 on her math midterm. This is the child with learning disabilities (read her story here and here and here)who just knew she was going to fail her first semester away at college.

3. My boss talked me in off the ledge. She has such a calming influence when I am losing my mind about the ridiculous style decisions (grammar and usage, not fashion) that are sometimes made. Let's just say that "Joe Internet" should not be writing the style book.

4. The man-boy's foot is not broken. When your child goes to play in a soccer game three hours from home and you get a call from the coach wherein he says, "Mrs. Sargent, I'm afraid I'm not doing such a great job of taking care of your son . . ." you know it could end badly. It didn't, and I'm thankful. I am, however, a little concerned about the tournament that is 8 hours from home . . .

5. Leah's car is finally being fixed and we got her a new license plate. The old one said IO JMU, and since she is no longer a student there and we (thankfully) don't owe them any more money, we changed it to I FIDDL. I love living in Virginia where you can have a cool license plate for a measley $10 a year. It makes road trips fun too. I seem to have a knack for figuring out what they say, and I amaze my family with my interpretive abilities. At least I'm good at something, right?

So all in all, a good week. Except for the fact that I am, once again, behind on my hours. Someday I will get to 20 by the end of Friday so I'm not stressing about it on Saturday when I should be taking a day off.

Someday. But probably not.

Be thankful ~


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Abby's journey reminds me of my Bekah. Abby's stuggles bring tears to my eyes as I can see Bekah doing similar things stuggling so hard. Thanks for the posts, I would love to be able to chat with you some time. I would love to have you and your dh come for a visit:)