Monday, October 12, 2009

Another in a long list of Lovely's injuries.

So remember the awesome Sunday school class outing at Funland? It turned out to be not so fun for Lovely, although she was hootin' and hollerin' at the time.

She awoke Sunday morning to some pretty serious left-foot pain. She figure she was just sore from the festivities of the day before, wore her flats, and sucked it up like a big girl.

Then came Monday, when she had to be on her feet all day teaching middle school music. At lunchtime she had her foot up on the bench while she was eating and noticed that her foot was sort of bruised. And pretty swollen. She asked the nurse about it, who suggested she have it X-rayed.

So after work she mustered with the doc, who showed her a picture of a foot with a fractured bone, and Leah wouldn't believe it was hers. She hadn't done anything to break a bone—just walked around, drove go-karts, played a little laser tag. Seriously, how does that happen?

But Dr. Doc insisted it happens all the time and gave her a sexy shoe and a pair of crutches. The crutches totally ruin the sexy of the shoe, which is fine with her daddy and me. After four hours of crutches, she's sick of them and counting the days until she can give them back.

Other than that, my day has been excruciatingly boring. I edited an E-Book that involved life-and-death decisions regarding the capitalization of Senate/senate and House/house. I washed sheets and made a grocery list. I baked bread and made Zuppa Tuscana for dinner (eating it wasn't boring). Went to the library with Mario Confetti (my new name for the man-boy). I'm starting a new book, but I won't tell you about it until I know whether or not it's good. If it is, I'll dish. Otherwise, forget I said anything. Took a bath.

Now I'm going to get my boring self in bed and read until I can't keep my eyes open. I can't take any more excitement today.

Be thankful ~


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