Thursday, September 17, 2009

Things I'm scratching my head about.

1. Why would the University of Maryland football team choose to call themselves the Terrapins? Hello? Turtles?

2. Why do typing programs teach people to use two spaces after end punctuation, and then style guides require editors to delete one? Do you have any idea how sick I am of writing "delete extra space"?

3. I won't get started on the jeans that have a big space for five pounds of fat on your lower back. But how hard is it to figure out that people just are not shaped like that?

4. Why a dog would chase squirrels for three years, never catch one, and still think he can.

5. How I can function (rather well) on as little sleep as I get.

Coffee is my friend. Happy Friday!

Be thankful~



Leah said...

"Things about which I'm still scratching my head." LOL. It's your fault I'm like this. :D

Larissa Q said...

That's funny. That's really, really funny! Thank you for the laughs. (Terrapins...seriously?! lol)