Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday's Week in Review.

Well, it's the end of another week. I've run out of projects at work, and when that happens, I spend my remaining hours updating product descriptions in the store. It definitely needs to be done, but it's the most mind-numbing work on the planet. I can only do this for about an hour before I need to get up and use my brain for something. So on days like today, I spend a lot of time getting up and down, looking for little things to do.

Nevertheless, it's been a good week. Here are the highlights:

1. My mommy had successful knee-replacement surgery on Monday. She is already home from the hospital, walking around the house (a little) with a walker, and she sounds very good, very upbeat. I'm thankful.

2. Ben and I have agreed that we need a weekend away. He wants to take me to Charleston, which sounds perfect. Good food and a beach. What else do we need?

3. I finished the modesty panel for the piano at church. I volunteered to make it and then someone else redesigned it for me, so I was kind of nervous about how it would come out. It's not how I would have made it, but I think everyone will be happy with it, and it's done.

4. An article I wrote for The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine is going to be reprinted by Family Learning Organization. That's always exciting. To think that someone actually enjoys what I write is really amazing.

5. We have finally been given permission to get the Acura fixed. Leah was hit in it three weeks ago, and the other guy's insurance company (which is paying for it) has dragged their feet like they were going to an execution. It will be nice to be able to open the door all the way again.

6. We don't have the plague yet. Every day we don't get it is a day to be thankful. We are like a bunch of germophobic hand-washing Nazis. Every time I see a kid at church come out of a restroom, I ask, "Did you wash your hands? With soap?" Sometimes I think I should ask the adults too.

7. I can sit at my computer in the evening with the window open and listen to the owls hooting right outside my bedroom. I love the sound of owls at night almost as much as the sound of the ocean. Almost.

It's been a good week. How was yours?

Be thankful ~


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