Friday, September 4, 2009

And daddies love to be heros.

The phone rings.

Elijah answers it.

It is invariably a sister (he has three) who says, "Can I talk to Mom?"

It happens ALL the time, and everybody has a limit, right?

So just a few minutes ago, I was folding laundry on my bed and Elijah was sitting at my desk talking to me. The phone rang. Elijah answered it. It was Lovely, who said, "Can I talk to Mom?"

And he went darkside.

I heard this side of the conversation:

"Oh my goodness. Nobody ever wants to talk to me! You call, you want to talk to Mom. Abbie calls, she wants to talk to Mom. Deb . . ."

Suddenly, his face became serious and I knew.

He handed me the phone and the first words she said were, "Hi, Mom. I've been in an accident and I'm fine. It wasn't my fault and the car is driveable."

Well, then. Nothing like getting the data dump in 1.2 seconds flat.

By this time, Ben was standing next to me holding his hand out for the phone. She told him that the guy changed lanes without looking and hit the front left side of the car. It's driveable, the headlight isn't broken (she's pedantic about driving with her headlights on), she's fine, the other guy has insurance, and the police have been called.

Then Ben asked if she needed him to come there, (Keep in mind it is Friday afternoon in a DC suburb. It may take him an hour to drive that 12 miles.) and she told him, "Very honestly, it would make me feel better."

Girls always need their daddies. Just the thought that they can call at any time and Daddy will jump in the car and come to their rescue—how comforting! Just like God.

"I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee." (Hebrews 13:5)

Be thankful~


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{ jessica } said...

Sweet story :) Glad to hear she wasn't hurt!