Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Aw, do I hafta grow up?

Wednesday Abbie leaves for Liberty U. It will be a sad day around here, but a very good one for her. She's somewhat apprehensive about it for many reasons, but we are sure it's all been orchestrated by the Lord and she is in exactly the right place right now.

She's been trying to see all her friends and spend some special bonding time with them before she leaves. And what do you think college-aged girls do to bond? Go shopping? Out to lunch? Watch a chick flick? Not quite.

They play in the woods.

Boo and Ab sitting in the fort (that's a cow skull next to Boo):

Ab getting ready to carry JNo across the Mighty Po River:

Boo searching desperately for her handsome prince (that's a frog she's about to kiss):

The three of them in the fort:

Don't they look like they're ready for the adult world?

Be thankful ~


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