Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Two weeks from today the man-boy comes home. I have really missed him and his constant eating, mostly because he takes care of the beast that lives with us. Ben misses him cutting the grass. Mike misses him taking the trash out. Leah misses stealing his salsa. I don't think Abbie has any ulterior motives--she just misses him.

Of course, you know I'm kidding. We all really do miss him and can't wait to have him back.

For the benefit of those who know us and the house we live in, here are pictures of the new flooring. It is as yet unfinished, but it's actually on the floor, and that's a huge step in the right direction. Ben likes to joke that we buy perfectly nice houses and then start "improving" them.

Here's the kitchen. We were especially happy to get rid of the lovely white-with-blue-flowers-'80s-style vinyl in here. Now that I'm looking at this picture, I realize we need some color.

And from the kitchen looking out into the porch. There used to be a set of sliding glass doors. They are now happily in the landfill. The porch also has sliding glass doors on three sides. One set will go bye-bye very soon, and the other two will join it ASAP. You know how when you try to fix something, you find other things that are wrong? Well, we've found other things, so we'll continue our "improvements." Ignore the shirts drying on the back of the couch.

Be thankful ~



Catherine said...

Lookin' good there!

Brother Ben said...

BTW, house was built in the 90s!!

bensrib said...

The decorating was from the '80s.