Tuesday, July 14, 2009

There's nothing ice cream can't fix.

I have spent a lot of my day making capitalization decisions. And if you think that's boring, let me tell you it beats the heck out of trying to complete financial check-in at the same time as the other 18,000 students. The website has been totally jammed all day, the promissory note is still unsigned, and we are facing the possibility of being wait-listed if we can't get it all done by the end of tomorrow.

I'll be at my computer, well, it won't be bright and early . . . it will still be dark . . . trying to get to the right website. I feel like a teenager standing on line all night to get tickets to see Billy Joel, but without the fun of the concert. My reward for all my effort? I get to pay them eight thousand a semester. (I actually hope our final number is that low.)

Abbie is quite stressed out about the whole thing--the schoolwork, the cost, the unknowns. She's afraid her roommates will be weird. She's nervous about writing papers. Afraid of tests. Bless her heart.

So in honor of our horrendous tuition bill and all the stresses, Ben is out doing what any responsible father would do. He's buying twelve different flavors of Ben & Jerry's ice cream for Abbie. Yes, that's the stuff that's $3.50 a spoonful, but it has no bovine growth hormone, so she can eat it. And everyone knows that an emotional crisis calls for lots of bovine-growth-hormone-free ice cream.

Every girl should have a daddy who understands her needs.

Be thankful ~


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Deb said...

He is the greatest!