Saturday, May 30, 2009

Comfortable home.

I noticed this morning that squirrels once again are chewing a bigger hole in one of the bluebird boxes in the front yard. Bluebirds are very particular about the size of the hole in the box. If it's any bigger than their specified size, they won't use it because predator birds can get in, namely Enlgish Sparrows. Last year, the squirrels ruined the house in the back, this year, it's the one in front. It's time for Elijah to go hunting. Not that he could rid us of all eighty-five billion squirrels we have here, but it might at least make me feel better.

After spending the week in Tennessee with Deb, David, and Sticky Bean, I am glad to be home in my own house, my own bed, and with my own computer. Aren't we particular when it comes to our electronics? The keyboard has to feel just right, the mouse has to move just so, and I'm just not a fan of wide-screen monitors. I know they're supposed to be easier to see, but they always feel so distorted to me. I'm such a creature of habit.

So I got close to my minimum 20 hours this week, did all the laundry, baked a chocolate pound cake for Sunday School tomorrow, and even made a dinner of sorts. Tonight Ben gets home from TN, and tomorrow starts the same old stuff again.

But the same old stuff isn't so bad—it's actually quite comfortable. Sticky Bean thinks so.

Be thankful ~


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