Friday, February 20, 2009

Not this again.

Well, I guess you've figured out I have no time for blogging anymore. I miss it, and hope to be a regular blogger again after this semester is over. Currently I am a wife, mom, tutor, student, homeschool teacher, editor, and gym-rat wanna be. It's just a bit much.

On top of all that, Abbie has been sick for quite some time. She got the first cold in December and hasn't gotten healthy since then. She starts to get better, then gets another cold. Starts to get better, and on and on it goes. Finally, I took her to the doctor last Friday. He diagnosed a sinus infection (this happens every year) and prescribed an antibiotic. She's been taking it faithfully since then and was getting better.

Then came Wednesday. She felt tired and run-down all day. Wednesday evening she started coughing and said her chest hurt. By Thursday morning she was feverish and it all looked terribly reminiscent of last year's flu. I almost cried.

But I quickly got hold of myself and started barking orders.

Drink fluids!

Get Leah's bedding out of that bedroom!

Cough into a towel!

Find the Lysol wipes and disinfect the doorknobs! The mouse! The phone! The remote! The lightswitches!

I turn into a one-man germ-fighting boot camp.

I took her back to the doctor this morning and he did a flu test. Negative. It's not the flu. He took enough blood to make Dracula jealous, so we should know something Monday. Ben thinks Mono. I think it's just another nasty cold.

She needs a bubble.

Be thankful ~



Deb said...

She NEEDS to start taking all the vitamins and stuff I send her! And drink water when she's not sick, and not wait until she is sick to take her vitamins...Poor Abbie:(

Leah said...

she only drinks water when she IS sick, and not much of it then. The child has probably been dehydrated for a decade.