Monday, December 8, 2008

The fun never ends.

Today is sure to be a fun time. Mike is going to get a plantar wart cut out of the bottom of his left foot and paying for it, too, since he's not covered under our insurance anymore. I've told him the numbing shot will hurt, but he is blissfully unaware of just how much. I've had this done several times and can honestly say that it rivals natural childbirth in pain intensity, only without the fun outcome. All you get is a hole in your foot. On the other hand, it's a pay-one-time ordeal, and childbirth is the pain that costs you for at least eighteen years.

Abbie will have her weightlifting final, which consists of three tries to perform a bench press, squat, and bent-leg deadlift with proper technique. And she gets actual college credit for this! She'll be glad when it's over - she's had a tough time being in a class of grunting males.

Elijah is going to haul firewood to the garage, and I am going to teach school, do laundry, and make phone calls.

It'll be an exciting day.

Be thankful ~



Brother Ben said...

So if Abbie is getting college credit for this I should have about 80 or a 100 PHDs!!!

daniel said...

can you please email me the specs for the outing, i cannot access facebook.....