Thursday, November 13, 2008

We're having a food fest!

A friend of ours is going to a two-day conference today and tomorrow, so she has spent the last few weeks trying to find people to keep her five children while she's away. We have Jake, age 11. We brought him home with us last night after church.

We went through the usual is-he-allergic-to-anything-does-he-have-any-special-needs stuff, threw his duds in the car and got on our way. While we were driving, I asked Jake what time he usually got up in the morning. You'll never believe what he said.


As in a.m.

We all sat in stunned silence.

Finally Elijah asked quietly, "What time do you get up on weekends?"


We all breathed a very deep sigh of relief and said, "NOW you're TALKIN'!" We told him to think of this as a long weekend, and thankfully he slept until eight this morning.

Today I am washing sheets, vacuuming up dog hair, and cooking for the weekend. Deb and David and Sticky Bean are on their way here to this very house right now and I have grand plans for great food. Tonight we are having Cheddar-Bacon Chicken (recipe courtesy of Crockpot365 - seriously, this woman has the most incredible crockpot recipes every day! Go look! And start using your crockpot!) and tomorrow I'm making Baked Ziti. Saturday we'll be gone all day at Lovely's recital and Sunday we're having Chicken Chili (my own recipe). I haven't gotten to Monday yet, but by then I'll probably want something Mexican.

And since I don't have to get up at FIVE in the A.M., I can get this all done. Have a great day!

Be thankful ~



Catherine said...

When I moved out West, I discovered that no one here has ever heard of Baked Ziti (!). I can't even buy real ziti pasta in the grocery store, but instead have to use some other shape when I make it.

By the way, I love the crockpot lady's site and I found it courtesy of your "linques" list -- thanks!

Brother Ben said...

I get up at 5 everyday. And I've already been awake for 45 minutes. Yall just miss the best part of the day!

Deb said...

I do my best to avoid 5 AM. Now that it's freezing cold I get to sleep until 6! David hates working in the cold, but at least it's actually getting light out when we get up!