Saturday, November 8, 2008

Things I learned last week.

1. Carbohydrates are organic molecules, which are by definition composed of carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen, in various formulas. They always have the same ratio of hydrogen atoms to oxygen atoms as water does. That's where the name comes from. "Carbo" stands for carbon, and "hydrate," which means "to add water," stands for the fact that there are twice as many hydrogens as oxygens, just like in water. I'll end the explanation there, although it gets much more detailed.

2. Although the things that attach your muscles to your bones are called tendons (with an -on), the inflammation of them is called tendinitis (with an -in). Who knew?

3. I don't watch TV because I can't stand the incorrect grammar. Just last night I heard a commercial advertising a drug used to treat bladder control problems in which the announcer assured users they would experience "less interruptions" of their lives. Like fingernails on a chalkboard. *sigh*

4. Money grows on trees and we are made of it. At least that's what Ben told Lovely when she called to say she needed $125 to get her car out of jail. He's such a good daddy. He knew fussing about a few dollars would surely have sent her over the edge. My daddy once bought us a new stove when we could ill afford it but desperately needed one. I thanked him profusely and he told me he had a magic bank account - money just showed up each month and he sat around looking for places to send it. Every girl needs a daddy like that.

5. I am short on time these days. This post was originally entitled "Things I learned this week" but now it's this week and that was last week, and so I had to change the title. But in the meantime someone came to my blog and read a post I wrote one year ago. And actually left a comment on it! I thought that was so funny! I wonder if I'm less interesting now and people are resorting to reading the old stuff. Or maybe I need to update more often. Anyway, thanks for visiting, Livia!

And that's all. I quit for the day.

Be thankful ~


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Nicole said...

Fewer interruptions...the interruptions can be measured. See, I have learned something!

Have a great day!